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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stepping Towards Balance


We're entering Autumn - my favorite time of year, by far. Many people of my faith seem to find this to be true for them, as well. It's a time of magic, a time of being between. In the calmness, something subtle is given permission to arise. The crispness in the air carries those delicate threads of twilight in ways that cannot be found at other times of year.

For now, at the equinox, that magic is just emerging. The days here in southern California are still warm, but the evenings are getting cool; the moon shines her sympathetic light brighter than before. And for now, at the equinox, our thoughts turn to balance and to harvest.

It's unfortunate that at this time of balance, so much imbalance can be seen in every direction. It is saddening, and maddening, that I can't simply write a post about the warm fuzzies that come with the cooling of the year. While I was getting ready to write this, I remembered that one of my Teachers, T. Thorn Coyle, had written an equinox-themed post today which I hadn't yet read. She said it better than I could, and I recommend reading her post here.

We are so out of balance. The world, and the individuals within it. I see it every day in myself. I see it manifest in my clients right before my eyes. I see it in the news (which I am careful not to marinate myself in). And on this sacred day of harvest I am forced to wonder: what fruit has all of this imbalance borne? And as we struggle for an impossible ideal of a static, stubborn "balance" that ignores the constant changes, the many viewpoints, and the differing feelings and experiences both within us and within the world, what further damage will be done?

But this is why I do my Work. This is why I sit at my altar, why I teach, why I offer spiritual guidance and cleansing services, and why Theodora and I have begun making magical products to share with you all. It's about balance. It's about hope. It's about creating the space, time, environment, circumstance, opportunity to take a step back towards wholeness.

What do you do to help restore balance? What have you been doing to counteract that work - to undermine yourself? Not everyone knows what their Work is, or how to even begin turning things around. But it can begin with something as simple as a breath - something as quick as a moment. And in that breath, a decision to remember your wholeness, your compassion, your ability to heal.

We can find a way towards balance. My way and yours will likely not be the same, but there's no reason we can't help one another. In fact, we must help one another. We must come together and refuse to be driven apart. We must find a way to honor ourselves and each other.

And we can. We will.

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